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You have your business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place. That's great! But when was the last time you exercised them? Were you satisfied with inter-departmental cooperation? Are you overwhelmed by all the possible threats to your business? Do you rehearse your preparedness for disasters periodically? Does your plan work in practice? Does everyone understand their role?

An organization that has rehearsed its disaster recovery plans is well-positioned to continue business operations when an unexpected disruption occurs. It's not just about having checklists covering every eventuality—it's about people knowing how to make decisions in the most efficient and coordinated way in times of stress. It's about ensuring the business resilience of your organization. When everyone is under pressure recovering from a disaster situation, it's the wrong time for people who don't know each other to be thrown together for the first time.

Our experience shows that clients who rehearse a structured but flexible approach to resilience are better prepared to deal with unexpected disruptions when they occur. Interisle's Resilience Review enables organizations to rehearse their crisis recovery responsiveness without the expense and artificial specificity of traditional "mock disaster drills." And unlike conventional tabletop exercises, Resilience Review workshops highlight cross-scenario capabilities that the organization may need to work on, in order to be effective under a wide range of circumstances. By looking at many situations, rather than focusing on one, a Resilience Review is that much more valuable.

Drawing on our work with a variety of clients in a range of industries over many years, we've designed the Resilience Review workshop to equip clients to be more nimble in response to unanticipated, abrupt changes in their environment. A Resilience Review workshop fosters business resilience.

Resilience Review is based on a well-established methodology which typically engages the management team in the following tasks:

  • Exploring a variety of scenarios representing different capability losses

  • Addressing hypothetical events that might affect the organization

  • Rehearsing the responses to these situations

Interisle's detailed preparation for Resilience Review workshops, focused on the specifics of your organization, ensures effective use of executives' limited time. A Resilience Review workshop is valuable at almost any level of an organization, but is most effective when representatives of all groups involved in disaster preparedness can participate, so that everyone benefits from being able to rehearse their part in recovering from a disruption.

Why wait until disaster strikes—when it is too late to practice? Why wait to learn the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plans—when decisions need to be made for real?

To find out how your organization can benefit from an Interisle Resilience Review, send an email note to Interisle Consulting Group. You can also download an offer sheet for Resilience Review; you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view it.


Download an offer sheet for Resilience Review.

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