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Your network infrastructure is critical to the ongoing operation of your business. It must perform well, accommodate change, and be resilient in the face of disruption. It's more than a piece of technology: it can be an enabler of positive change in your business and can enhance the resilience of your whole enterprise. Or, it can be a costly source of problems that constrain your agility and growth.

Does your infrastructure meet your needs? Not just technically, but does it make your enterprise more agile, more resilient, and more powerful? Does your infrastructure support the strategic plans of the business for dealing with customers, suppliers, and alliance partners? Now? Will it in the future? What sea changes in the operating environment or in technology could render your infrastructure obsolete or constrain the growth of your business?

An infrastructure fitness assessment led by Interisle is a short, independent, expert check-up that gives you not only our analysis of how well your infrastructure suits its purpose, but a new understanding of the factors that influence it now and in the foreseeable future. It's appropriate for anyone planning, adding to, or simply reviewing a network: anyone needing to deal with capacity bottlenecks, performance limitations, security vulnerabilities; anyone looking to minimize obstacles to scalability or adaptability, threats to survivability, and other impediments to full cost-effectiveness.

We don't believe in looking at questions about infrastructure quality, value, or suitability through purely technical lenses. Our experience leads us to an architectural approach: we attend closely to organizational skills, governance, operational discipline, applications, and ongoing changes in the business and technology environment. We understand that the answers ultimately lie in how the network relates to and interacts with the business processes it enables, the people who use it, and the organization that operates and supports it. And in today's complex, dynamic, interdependent world, we don't think you can answer these questions by looking only within your own enterprise, either. Customers, suppliers, alliance partners, and others play an essential role.

We ground our assessments in facts about your enterprise, the business environment in which it operates, and the issues and pressures it faces: facts drawn from our own knowledge and experience and facts we will gather directly from a broad range of people and sources inside and outside your organization. A proven methodology and the use only of senior, highly experienced practitioners mean that nobody's time is wasted. We pay attention not only to how things are, but also how and why they came to be that way, and how they might be in the future.

Clients find our work to be independent and unbiased (because we're not allied with any technology vendor, and because we earn our living by delivering expert consulting rather than pitching follow-on implementation work), pragmatic (because our assessment is based on understanding your business as well as your infrastructure, and because we all have practical, hands-on experience), and, ultimately, of real value. We hear from participants that the process itself gave them a new, shared way of thinking about the enterprise, its infrastructure, and the business environment in which they operate.

To find out how your organization can benefit from an Interisle Infrastructure Assessment, send an email note to Interisle Consulting Group. You can also download an offer sheet for Infrastructure Assessment; you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view it.


Download an offer sheet for Infrastructure Assessment.

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