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Our business is helping your business take full advantage of its information system resources. We work closely with you to provide precisely the right type and level of support to you and your organization—you get exactly what you need to succeed, without the unproductive overhead often associated with “hiring a consultant.” Our extensive track record of delivering value to clients illustrates the breadth and depth of experience that we bring to bear on every consulting engagement.

Interisle’s principals are unique internationally recognized experts in technology, management, diplomacy, and organizational dynamics. One holds six patents on entity management systems; one has chaired the Internet Architecture Board and served as a Director of ICANN; two hold Ph.Ds in Computer Science; and one is the world’s foremost authority on electronic payment systems. In addition to the standardized consulting engagements described below, we frequently provide services to clients that take individual advantage of the breadth and depth of our expertise:

  • in Internet technology and governance, including Domain Name System issues and the World Summit on the Information Society;
  • in financial transaction systems, including security and authentication issues, and identity management;
  • in organizational dynamics, including analysis of the way in which organizations can optimize their interaction with information systems (and with other organizations); and
  • management of group decision-making processes, such as industry consortia and working groups; on top of everything else, we are expert cat herders.

In addition to applying our expertise to a variety of individual client projects, we are often engaged more formally as consulting and testifying expert witnesses.

Detailed descriptions are available for the following specific consulting services:

Market Mapping is a distinct, well-codified methodology for organizations seeking to align their marketing strategies and processes and/or product development priorities more closely with the problems that customers need to solve most urgently. It is particularly well suited to situations in which the primary mode of product or service distribution is via indirect channels (e.g., distributors, value-added resellers, retail, etc.)

Our Strategy Mapping techniques have been applied for over a decade across a range of industries including life sciences, financial services, high tech manufacturing, and consumer products. Use of these techniques helps to foster business resilience—the ability of an organization proactively and dynamically to chart a course through highly uncertain and dangerous waters.

An organization that has rehearsed its disaster recovery plans is well-positioned to continue business operations when an unexpected disruption occurs. It's not just about having checklists covering every eventuality—it's about people knowing how to make decisions in the most efficient and coordinated way in times of stress. It's about ensuring the business resilience of your organization. A Resilience Review led by Interisle equips organizations to be more nimble in response to unanticipated, abrupt changes in their environment.

Your network infrastructure is critical to the success of your business—it must perform well, accommodate expected and unexpected changes, and be resilient in the face of disruption. The right infrastructure can also be an enabler of positive change in your business. It's an important strategic asset. An Infrastructure Assessment led by Interisle is a short, focused engagement that gives you not only our analysis of how well your infrastructure suits its purpose, but a new understanding of the factors that influence it now and in the future.


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