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Chuck Wade has devoted most of his career to adapting innovations in networking technologies and distributed services to real-world business problems in areas ranging from academic networks, to stock exchange networks, to payments systems. Over the past decade, he has focused on the needs for security and business resilience in a variety of consulting engagements for clients that have included a 2-centuries old stock exchange, multi-national institutions, start-up ventures, and industry consortia. He brings to client engagements, not just technical expertise, but valued insights (and foresight) into key trends, technology evolution, business opportunities/requirements, regulatory constraints, and the ever-present tensions between open vs. proprietary, central vs. distributed, local vs. global, and security vs. features/flash.

At Interisle, much of Mr. Wade’s efforts have been in support of industry-wide initiatives to take on challenges that go beyond what any one organization can address. For example, he led an Interisle team that worked directly with senior management within the securities industry to establish a highly resilient network as a response to the problems that caused the shutdown of US markets immediately after the events of 9/11. Interisle continued to support this effort with business and technology planning throughout a 3-year deployment phase and adoption by the industry at large. More recently, Mr. Wade has contributed to a resilient and secure pilot network for public safety services spanning the Boston metro region that addresses the need for improved collaboration across community boundaries. He has also led projects conducted under the auspices of the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) to characterize the problems and industry responses to phishing, and efforts leading to better mutual authentication of customers using online financial services.

Before co-founding Interisle, Mr. Wade served as a Senior Researcher at CommerceNet and as a Principal Consultant in the Information Security Group of BBN Technologies. At BBN, he led Electronic Commerce initiatives and related client engagements, particularly within the financial industry—e.g., leading efforts to develop innovative industry-sponsored over-the-Internet payment systems. He also contributed directly to the architecture, design, deployment, and testing of many large mission-critical networks, including the trading-floor networks for the New York and American Stock Exchanges. Before joining BBN, he directed the Advanced Technology Group for the Codex division of Motorola, where he pioneered developments of routers and integrated voice/data networks.

Mr. Wade holds Sc.B. and Sc.M. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

Chuck Wade

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